Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flyby ISS tonight!

Space Weather News for April 10, 2008

3D MOON OF MARS: NASA's Mars Reconnaissance
Orbiter spacecraft
photographed martian moon Phobos in color
and 3D, revealing landslides,
crater chains, long grooves and a strange
splash of blue. The pictures
are featured on today's edition of .

FLYBY ALERT: Tonight, the International
Space Station
(ISS) begins a
week-long series of bright evening flybys
over North America. The busily
expanding station is now as bright as Venus
even when it doesn't fly
directly overhead; some observers report
seeing it through clouds. US and
Canadian readers, find out when to look using
our new Simple Satellite

Would you like a phone call to alert you when
the ISS is about to fly
over your backyard? Sign up for Space Weather

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

May 6th Star Party at Chaparral High School - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Rod writes:

Would anyone like to help out on a Star Party for about 25 High School Kids. May 6th at sunset, Chaparral High School, 56th St south of Shea Blvd. Let me know.We will be setting up on the football field. Email to RSVP. Your help is needed and apprecaited!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Congratulations to everyone - Messier Marathon

Congratulations to PAS Members Chris Johnson & Steve Palmer
And everyone else who took the time to enjoy the Messier Marathon this year!

2008 All Arizona Messier Marathon Results
Note sequencing for same number of objects is reverse alphabetical order.
num name scope organ. notes
109 Dr. S. Aguirre 8" SCT (1) M74
108 Jeff/Julie Trogan 8" SCT EVAC M77 M74
108 Ken Shaver 16" Dob TAAA M77 M74
108 George Robinson 10" Dob (2) M74 M33, by memory
107 David Trogan 8" SCT EVAC M77 M74 M33
107 Carter Smith 10" Dob TAAA M77 M74 M33
107 Steve Palmer 14" SCT SAC/PAS M77 M74 M33
107 Joshua V. Nelson 8" SCT UofA M77 M74 M33
107 Kevin LeGore 10" Dob na M77 M74 M33
107 Tyler Lancy 8" SCT na M77 M74 M33
107 James Hoy 11" SCT UofA M77 M74 M33
107 Claude Haynes 10" Dob EVAC M77 M74 M33
107 Melvin L. Harrison 10" Dob EVAC M77 M74 M33
107 Gary Gardner 24" Dob TAAA M77 M74 M33
107 Daniel Butters 10" Dob EVAC M77 M74 M33
107 Bob Bortner 8" SCT EVAC M77 M74 M33
107 Micah Abel 10" Dob EVAC M77 M74 M33
106 Ray Vorbeck 8" SCT SAC M77 M74 M33 M110
106 Jake Turner 8" SCT na M77 M74 M33 M34
106 Doug Simons 10" SCT EVAC/SAC M77 M74 M33 M76
106 Neil Rulien 18" Dob EVAC M77 M74 M33 M76
106 Rick Rotramel 12.5" Newt SAC M77 M74 M33 M76
106 Butch Miller 8" SCT EVAC M77 M74 M33 M110
106 Scott Leach 10" SCT (3) M74 M32 M110 M76
106 Tim Jones 9.25" SCT SAC M77 M74 M33 M76
106 Ray Heinle 12" SCT EVAC M77 M74 M33 M110
106 Wes Edens 8" Dob SAC M77 M74 M33 M32
106 Bob Christ 9.25" SCT SAC M77 M74 M33 M76
105 Chris Myers 11" SCT UofA M77 M74 M33 M110 M76
105 Steve McAllister 10" Dob SAC M77 M74 M33 M32 M76
104 Martin Pieczonka 14" SCT EVAC M77 M74 M33 M32 M110 M76
104 Brandon Feldman 14" SCT EVAC M77 M74 M33 M32 M110 M76
104 Howard Anderson 10" SCT EVAC/SAC M77 M74 M33 M31 M32 M110
102 Alan Strauss 80mm Ref TAAA M77 M74 M33 M76 M34 M79 M102 M30
102 James & Delia Brix 16" Dob na M77 M74 M33 M110 M76 M34 M75 M30
101 Tim Inglish N/A SAC M77 M74 M33 M31 M32 M110 M76 M34 M30
100 Chris Hanrahan 80mm Ref SAC M77 M74 M33 M32 M110 M76 M40 M102 M73 M30
98 David/Katie Kroeppler 80mm Ref (2)
97 Edward Eastburn 5" Ref TAAA
91 Steve Perry 90mm SCT SAC
85 Joe Selleck 5" SCT na
76 Steve/Rosie Dodder 20" Dob SAC
71 Brent Jacobs 24" Dob EVAC
69 David Hatch 8" Dob EVAC
61 Bruce Anderson na EVAC
56 Mike/Debby Luciano 10" Dob na
55 Chris Johnson 14" SCT PAS
54 Vito Pontarelli 3" Ref SAC
54 Gale Cumberledge 5" Ref SAC
51 Scott/Heather Saari 8" Dob SAC
27 Steve Dermer 8" SCT na

1 - Sociedad Astronomica de Sonora Carl Sagan, MEXICO
2 - Astronomical League - Member at Large
3 - Colorado Springs Astronomical Society

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Busy double booked dates for PAS - RSVP today - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

I was going through our schedule of events and I have a bunch of dates that PAS is needed at 2+ locations in one night. I'm going to make a list below and if you plan to help at any of these events, please RSVP with me right away. If you plan to attend any, also RSVP so we know what the attendance will be like. Thanks so much for your help in advance. Those who have RSVP'd so far are listed. RSVP with me unless otherwise noted.

Apr 11
Sunset Ridge 5pm
RSVP's: Chet, Don, Terri, Mike, Frank, Rod, Bruce

Apr 25: WOW star party at Phx Zoo 6pm to 9pm, Chet needs help, please drop him an email to let him know you can attend

Apr 26th:
Mike's lecture & star party at N. Mt Park V.C.
RSVP's: Mike, Rod, Terri, Don, (Public: Janice, Justin)

May 2:
Astro day at PVCC Noon to 10pm
RSVP's: Rod (Solar & Evening), Sam (Solar & Evening), Terri (Activities & Evening)

Wow Star party at Reach 11 6pm to 9pm, Chet needs help, please drop him an email to let him know you can attend

Some of you can start out at PVCC during the day, and then leave when it is time to go help Chet at Reach 11 park. The park isn't far from PVCC. RSVP if you wish to help out in this way. Thanks.

May 3: Meteor Shower party at PV Park 6pm to 10pm

May 8: PVCC Star Party 5pm to 10pm On campus by Domes

May 9:
Cub scout star party around Glendale & 3rd Street
5:30pm to 9pm ?

N. Mt Park star party 5pm to 9:30pm
RSVp's: Terri

I think that covers the double booked star parties and some coming up that I do not have any volunteers for as of yet.

Volunteers are needed. If you want to assist at any of these events, drop me an email today. Thanks.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

4/10 PVCC G-7:30pm to 9:30pm Indoor Astronomy Event


I"m looking for a few more volunteers to help out and do demos at the Indoor event tomorrow night, Thursday.....

If you would like to do a demo on anything astronomy related

or attend to learn something, please RSVP with me today.

We currently have:

Indoor event:
Barbara - Planet positions
Terri - Mystery
Mike - Meteorites
Chet - Imaging

Outdoors with telescopes:

Your assistance is requested and needed. Let's make this an awesome astronomy event.

RSVp from public
Jennifer & kids

Thanks for your help.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Phoenix Lander - Martian N. Pole May 25th

Hi All:
I was just at the old State Senate building (at 17Th ave and Washington)
and there is an exhibit on the Mars lander. It is called the Phoenix Lander
and will land, crash, or burn up at the Martian north pole on May 25Th.
Personally I think, as Dr, Dee said, it is a big waste of money due to the
problems we have on this wonderful, beautiful planet Earth (my favorite
planet by far). Is there life on Mars? This is the question being asked of
the mission. Well there are probably amino acids but that isn't life. Also
if it gets hit by a coronal mass ejection it will be Cajun life (a very sarcastic j
oke)! Anyway it is free to the public.
At the last WOW event I was doing my why does a telescope magnify
and I asked, "What is 3X3?" The answer I got was six. I know
they were younger than most but they should know what 3X3 is. Again
I am appalled at the lack of education in this state. I may have to redouble
my efforts to do events just to supplement the education system here. I
will be at PVCC this Thursday. I hope to see members of PAS; I just hope
they aren't defending global warming and hoping to live in lava tubes on
the Moon and Mars. I must say I am glad Dr. Dee is deaf and didn't hear
that!!! LAVA TUBES!!!
Thanks for listening (reading actually) to my venting,

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Lunar Graze

Received this from a friend, Thank you Gene.

There is a lunar grazing occultation of a
6th magnitude star predicted
on Thursday evening, April 11th visible
in the Phoenix area (weather
This is a northern limit graze, visible
along and south of a line
crossing the south side of Gilbert, AZ
(for instance). The limit line
passes from NW to SE roughly paralleling
the railroad tracks in the
of the valley (and of course, extending
across the state and the
western U.S.). Observers along or slightly
south of, within about 1-2
miles of the limit line may see the star wink
in and out behind the
mountains on the north limb (end) of the Moon,
beginning at about 04:25

UT (21:25 local time MST).
Observers north of the line will see the Moon
pass by the star without
an occultation, and observers farther south of
the limit line will see
total occultation.
The path of visiblity for the graze zone is
only about 1-2 miles deep,
and depends strongly upon the observer's
exact position. For instance,

the predicted limit passes across Gerry
Rattley's house several blocks
west of Gilbert Rd., next to Elliott Rd.,
but will miss the GRCO dome
further east and north in Gilbert at the
Riparian Water Park (near
Guadelupe and Greenfield Roads), passing
several miles south.
More information is generally available on
the IOTA web pages:
Observers subscribing to IOTA services can
receive annual prediction
packages (lunar and asteroidal occultations)
for their individual
Gene Lucas

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

3 events WEATHER watching

3 Events we are Weather Watching.

If you see anything that might change our plans for

  • 4/10 at PVCC 7:30pm to 9:30pm Indoor/Outdoor Astro Event 85032
  • 4/11 Sunset Ridge 5pm to 9pm 85086
  • 4/12 Mayer all day into evening 900 Girl Scout Party 86333,
email me right away.
Have a super day!

Currently the weather for these three events looks to be doing good.
We might have some wind Thur evening, but the rest looks fine.
Many thanks to those who keep sending me daily updates. I appreciate it.
My Dad said a storm is coming in tomorrow. Let's hope it is on time, arrives and leaves Wednesday. Watch for this. No event Wed, I'm glad.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Pleiades & the Moon

Chris says:

Get out and see it tonight.
It's gonna look amazing!
12% crescent.

Image supplied by Chris.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Solar System's 'look-alike' found

This link was received from William

You will enjoy this article

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

May 9th Cub Scouts need a star party at a location in N. Phx

I need volunteers for this event.... More details will be posted as I receive them.
I talked with our contact, Kari.
There will be 15 cubs and their parents, so she predicts 50 viewers.
They have goals to reach for their cub scout badges. One of them is to focus a telescope. I asked if she could provide the telescope for that purpose, and she will hunt one down.
Other items to be viewed will be listed as I get that list. Those who volunteer will be put in
contact with Kari.

I need one PAS member to be the RSVP for this party and take over the planning and discussing what is needed with Kari.

Remember, we have N. Mt Park star party that same night. So, if you volunteer for one or the other, now is the time to make the change as to which one you will assist with.

The date is May 9th. Times and location aren't in hand yet. Watch for future posting.
You will be setting up in someone's back yard, and there is driving up to the back yard available,
plus it will be on the grass.

I figure only 2 scopes are needed for this one. If you want to be one of those scopes, drop me an email today. Thanks

THIS JUST IN: The home is located around Glendale Ave and 3rd street area.


Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

May 9 - Volunteers needed for Star Party at N. Mt Park V.C.

N. Mountain Park Visitor Center

Set up is 5pm. The map to get to this location says you pull into the
V.C. area just S of Thunderbird on 7th Street. You'd be turning to the
West as you get to Cactus Rd. Use this URL to see the map: We will be setting up in the circular
area for the star party. That night the sun sets at 5pm Venus,
the Sun and Moon will be up. Venus may still be too close to the
Sun to safely view it. But the Moon will be a crescent and should
be a good view. Venus & the Sun set about 6:30pm. 7:30 Mercury,
Mars and Saturn show up. Dark is at 8:30 and that's also when
Mercury sets. RSVP with Terri to help or attend. RSVP is required
for this event. Bring the entire family!!!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Volunteers Needed Astro Day May 2 at PVCC

Volunteers Needed, RSVP with Terri to help out or attend.

PAS doing an awesome, all day event from NOON to 10pm. We will be set up under canopies over by the telescope domes. We will be showing the Sun by day with some fun activities. These activities will be similar to what we are doing in Mayer on 4/12 and in Anthem for an all day event on 11/1. RSVP's are requested in case of weather issues, and Volunteers need to let me know they are attending. Venus and the Moon will be in the sky but Venus will be too close to the Sun to view, and the Moon will be mostly New, thus, unless we can find its crescent, that one will not be visible that day either. In the evening hours, we will enjoy these objects. Sunset is 7pm. Mercury, Mars and Saturn are visible around 7:30pm. Mercury sets 8:30, and Dark is 8:30 as well. Weather permitting, the skies should have a lot of really awesome objects to be viewed.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Volunteers Needed May 2

Wow Star party at Reach 11 Park in north Phoenix

Chet is the RSVP and he needs your help that night.
Reach 11 is on Tatum, north of Union Hills Rd.
The star party is open to Telescope operators only,
and Volunteers are needed. The address is 19224 N Tatum Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85050 and a map can be seen at this link:

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Monday, April 7, 2008

April Events - today to end of month

Wow, we have an exciting, exhausting week coming up on us.

I need to know who is planned for what event.... because we are lacking
people for some of them. If you wish to attend, you can help on Thur
and Fri... Sat is already set and we have enough volunteers.

Let's review what we have going, and then you can tell me where you
are going to be.

Apr 10 is the INDOOR ASTRO EVENT at PVCC from 7:30 to 9:30.
Those are the PUBLIC times. We set up at 7pm, or close to that.

Right now I have :
Please send me corrections if any of this is wrong....

Barbara doing a demo indoors
Terri doing a demo indoors
Mike indoors with meteorites
Chet indoors with imaging

There should be more indoors people but i'm not seeing that on my list.
Any volunteers?

Outdoors we have the following awesome telescope operators with
Steve P

Did I miss anyone, or is anyone not coming to this event that I did list?
Updates are needed so we know what to expect.


I have the following telescopes attending, and I thank you in advance....

Remember, they collect tips at this one, plus you get fed pizza,
so you will have a little reimbursement from driving up there.

Terri, William
Frank C
Rod & Sue
Bruce, Ed Bette

More scopes are always better. Last year's event was awesome. Perfect
weather, great group of kids, these are 7th graders. Very smart group.
We enjoyed it.

We also have 2 RSVP's for this event thus far.
Jennifer Whitlow
and Janice Semmel, PUMA Press

The next item in April after Mayer on the 12th will be Apr 24th.
After doing all these events, some of us will be looking forward to a break
in the schedule. The 24th is the MOM.
This MOM will be based on topics. IF we have the topics to talk about,
we will have the meeting. If not, we will cancel, so send your topics to me
asap so I can be sure we have enough to hold the meeting. Thanks.

And then the 25th Chet needs volunteers for the WOW star party at the
Phoenix Zoo. Please, if you can help out, let him know right away!

The 26th we have Mike Lecture and Star Party at N. Mt Park. The last
event was scheduled and then canceled due to very high winds. Let's hope
for clear, non windy skies and have an exceptional lecture and star party.
The lecture will happen rain or shine. See you there. Free event, bring the
whole family. Solar viewing from 5pm to 6pm, Lecture 6pm to 7:30, viewing
7:30 to 9:30pm. Everyone Welcome. RSVP required with Me.

That wraps up the month. Wanna be sure everyone who might want to
volunteer, has the opportunity to do so. And we appreciate our volunteers.

Have a super day!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Crescent Moon & Pleiades Mon & Tues

Space Weather News for Monday, April 7, 2008

SUNSET ALERT: When the sun goes down tonight,
step outside and look west. Weather permitting
you'll see a slender equinox crescent Moon
hanging above the rosy glow of sunset. Framed
by the cobalt blue of early
evening, the Moon reveals its "da Vinci glow"
or Earthshine, a pale
impression of the full Moon inside the vivid
crescent--a beautiful sight.

Consider it an appetizer for Tuesday. On April
8th, the still-slender
crescent passes almost directly in front of the
Pleiades star cluster.
Also known as the Seven Sisters, the dipper
shaped Pleiades are visible
to the naked eye even from urban areas and
they look wonderful through
binoculars. Tuesday evening's delicate
conjunction of Luna and the
Seven Sisters should not be missed.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society