Monday, April 7, 2008

April Events - today to end of month

Wow, we have an exciting, exhausting week coming up on us.

I need to know who is planned for what event.... because we are lacking
people for some of them. If you wish to attend, you can help on Thur
and Fri... Sat is already set and we have enough volunteers.

Let's review what we have going, and then you can tell me where you
are going to be.

Apr 10 is the INDOOR ASTRO EVENT at PVCC from 7:30 to 9:30.
Those are the PUBLIC times. We set up at 7pm, or close to that.

Right now I have :
Please send me corrections if any of this is wrong....

Barbara doing a demo indoors
Terri doing a demo indoors
Mike indoors with meteorites
Chet indoors with imaging

There should be more indoors people but i'm not seeing that on my list.
Any volunteers?

Outdoors we have the following awesome telescope operators with
Steve P

Did I miss anyone, or is anyone not coming to this event that I did list?
Updates are needed so we know what to expect.


I have the following telescopes attending, and I thank you in advance....

Remember, they collect tips at this one, plus you get fed pizza,
so you will have a little reimbursement from driving up there.

Terri, William
Frank C
Rod & Sue
Bruce, Ed Bette

More scopes are always better. Last year's event was awesome. Perfect
weather, great group of kids, these are 7th graders. Very smart group.
We enjoyed it.

We also have 2 RSVP's for this event thus far.
Jennifer Whitlow
and Janice Semmel, PUMA Press

The next item in April after Mayer on the 12th will be Apr 24th.
After doing all these events, some of us will be looking forward to a break
in the schedule. The 24th is the MOM.
This MOM will be based on topics. IF we have the topics to talk about,
we will have the meeting. If not, we will cancel, so send your topics to me
asap so I can be sure we have enough to hold the meeting. Thanks.

And then the 25th Chet needs volunteers for the WOW star party at the
Phoenix Zoo. Please, if you can help out, let him know right away!

The 26th we have Mike Lecture and Star Party at N. Mt Park. The last
event was scheduled and then canceled due to very high winds. Let's hope
for clear, non windy skies and have an exceptional lecture and star party.
The lecture will happen rain or shine. See you there. Free event, bring the
whole family. Solar viewing from 5pm to 6pm, Lecture 6pm to 7:30, viewing
7:30 to 9:30pm. Everyone Welcome. RSVP required with Me.

That wraps up the month. Wanna be sure everyone who might want to
volunteer, has the opportunity to do so. And we appreciate our volunteers.

Have a super day!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society