Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tonight's Meeting of the Minds - Website Training & Topics


Next Meeting: Thursday, June 26, 2008

Location: PVCC in G-147 at 7pm – We start promptly at 7:30pm


This meeting is usually held on the last Thursday of each month. Special circumstances may change that date (Turkey Day & X-mas). Check for proper dates on website in Upcoming Events or the new CALENDAR feature on the NEW PAS WEBSITE. This month's meeting is scheduled for the date above.

No RSVP is needed for the meeting, and the meeting is open to anyone interested in talking about the business portion of PAS, upcoming events, ideas on how to improve PAS, setting up star parties, and more. Special meetings are sometimes called and held at the MOM's.

Topics are needed. If we don't have enough topics to make the meeting worth meeting for, we will cancel the meeting a day or so prior. Watch for changes on the site, or email me for status. Usually, a few days prior to the meeting, I send out the list of topics to be discussed.

Please do not bring children to this meeting. Although we do sometimes have presentations, demonstrations and more fun than you can imagine, we do not wish to bore children while we talk over PAS Business Stuff.

The meeting will run up to 10pm, but usually ends prior to 10 and then we socialize for the remainder of the time or call it an evening, early.

Your topics are welcome. Email them to me right away. You do not have to feel obligated to stay the entire length of the meeting. Leave when you need to unless your topic hasn't been discussed yet. Let me know if you need to leave early and we will take care of your topic near the beginning of the meeting.

THIS MONTH: We have a special meeting due to all PAS MEMBERS needing to learn to use the new PAS website. YOUR ATTENDANCE IS REQUESTED!

The meeting will go as follows:

  1. Chris will train everyone attending, how to use the PAS Website, what's new, what's neat, and all the cool things it can do for PAS.

  2. When Chris finishes, if there is time, Rod will tackle the below topics. Any topics not discussed will move to the next MOM's on July 31.

This Month's TOPICS ARE:

These topics are not necessarily in the order they will be presented.

New PAS website by Chris – Learn to use it at this meeting - All PAS Members should attend

Ideas for other events PAS can hold to help increase membership

Matt – Idea for fund raiser – Kevin Art in Postcards for sale

Terri - Past President Option w/ One year free membership

Terri - Honorary Membership Status – Dave

Don - Changes in Constitution, plus voting

PAS Stickers



For anyone who can not attend this special TRAINING WORKSHOP on how to use the NEW PAS WEBSITE, drop me an email and let's work on a date at BOOKMAN'S in which we can get together and give you a bit of training there. When you send me the email, include the evenings that are best for you... such as... Thursday evening might be the best for me, but you might have other things that happen that night, like ASU Classes or work... So, let me know what works best and I will try to plan a night from 7pm to 10pm that works best for all who need to attend, including Chris, our teacher!!! Thanks.


For future reference, this page will now be availalble with topics as they come to me, by accessing the PAS calendar, and within the calendar go to the MOM's date, and within that scheduled event will be the downloadable version of this page, beginning today.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PAStimes Newsletter July Issue Ready for Download

Enjoy it!!!


Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Monday, June 23, 2008

Special PAS Voting Meeting at MOM 6/26

Good morning All,

At our PAS Meeting of the Minds on 6/26 at PVCC in G-147 at 7pm we will be voting on a few topics that will change the PAS constitution. PAS members are urged to attend this meeting to help us decide if these changes are needed.

Please see the current, July issue, page 10, of PASTimes Newsletter (downloadable from our website - for the list of 3 items we will be voting on. PAS members should attend, others are welcome.

We are also holding a 2nd PAS Website Training Workshop at that same meeting. If you haven't already signed up for the website and you are a PAS member and want to know more about it, please attend. Chris will be training us once again on how to use the PAS website. Non members are welcome to attend and get help getting signed up as well.

This month we have a few topics to discuss that may interest you as well. See those topics also
listed in the current July issue of the newsletter.

Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday afternoon!

Check out the calendar of events at and see what fun stuff we have coming up for this summer's activities with PAS.

The newest addition to the website that is a work in progress currently, is the Kids Corner. It isn't done yet but once it is, it will have KID FRIENDLY websites, as well as suggestions on books to read about Space, and a download section of PAS Member created pages.

For instance, there is a collection of PAS bookmarks that can be downloaded. These bookmarks are given as prizes when we print them and hand them out, but anyone is welcome to download the page, print it themselves, and enjoy them. They are informative about the object that is shown on them, as well as pretty and fun to use.

Another cool item is the puzzles that PAS members have made
and used in the past. One such puzzle is the constellation puzzle. Download the instruction page and the puzzle page first. Then try your best to find those constellations. If you get stumped,
download the answer key. We hope you have fun with it before needing the answer key.

And as we expand, we will be adding KID FRIENDLY LINKS, to other sites that we feel are appropriate and fun for kids of all ages. If you have suggestions to add, see my list on the main page of this blog, as those will be added to the page as soon as we can get them there. We want kids to feel confident they are visiting pages that do not have the wrong message on them... safety first.... so if you find a really cool activity type kids page, send it my way. I'll add it first to this blog, and then to the website when we get that part going.

If you have ideas of things to add to the Kids Korner, just drop me an email and I'll see what I can do to get it added.

Have a spectacular Monday!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society