Friday, September 19, 2008


PAS has many forms of getting info out to the Membership and Public.

1) The [COLOR="Red"]PAStimes Newsletter[/COLOR] becomes available for download from the PAS site by the Sunday prior to the next PAS meeting (that's the latest it will be available). Should you want info earlier than the Newsletter provides, I suggest you check out these other options. The link to the PAStimes Newsletters is:

2) The [COLOR="Red"]PAS Digest Blog[/COLOR] has info on upcoming events as well as interesting astronomy related news items. I only post when I have something to share or send out. So, you may not get info via the Blog daily. The Blog is set up so you can join the blog, receive info via email or RSS feed and leave the blog anytime you wish. I suggest you join it and keep tabs on what PAS is doing. The PAS Digest Blog is at: [URL=""][/URL]. Visit the blog, and on the right hand side of the screen is an image with planets. There you will find the sign-up option. I use the blog to cancel events.... so if you need to know something is canceled the day of the event, check there. Especially if the weather is questionable.

3) [COLOR="Red"]News & Announcements on[/COLOR] - this option is on our NEW PAS website. You can sign in to the website with a user name and a password and browse the info available in the Forums. I use the NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS forum to get info out quickly about events. This is the place for what's coming up in PAS. The link for this location of info is:

4) [COLOR="Red"]Calendar on[/COLOR] - HAve you been checking the calendar a month in advance? And as a PAS member, did you know you can check the calendar for events on the PRIVATE CALENDAR SIDE? Only PAS members can do this. If you are a PAS member but you don't have the status of Member yet, email Chris Johnson to get your membership updated. He has the current PAS Roster and will change your account from Visitor (public) to PAS Member. Then, go visit the calendar section of the site and be sure to visit the Private Calendar for those Paid Star Parties. There is other info in the Private Calendar as well, so check it out. I suggest you check out both calendars a minimum of once a month for a month in advance. For instance, today is 9/19, so I'd be checking out the rest of September for events as well as ALL of October, to see if there is a star party I can assist at, in both the Public and Private Calendars. You don't want to miss out on all the fun!!! The link to the calendar is:

Well, there you have it. The place where you can get the PAS info you need to keep in touch and have a great experience as a PAS Member. Guests/Visitors can also get in to the Public calendar, so don't be afraid to go to and check the calendar for events you may wish to attend. That's 4 ways to get news about PAS events. We will see you there!!!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Jules Verne is about to become a fireball

Space Weather News for Sept. 18, 2008

DOOMED SPACECRAFT: Jules Verne is about to become a fireball. On Sept. 29th, with NASA aircraft looking on, the 22-ton European spacecraft will plunge into Earth's atmosphere over the south Pacific Ocean and harmlessly disintegrate. Jules Verne recently spent five months docked to the space station where it delivered supplies, used its engines help the station avoid a piece of space junk, and served as an impromptu bedroom for the ISS crew. Mission accomplished, the doomed spacecraft is now making its final orbits around Earth glowing about as brightly as Polaris (the North Star). US and European observers are favored with flybys this weekend. If you'd like to see Jules Verne, check the Simple Satellite Tracker for viewing times:

POLAR CROWN PROMINENCES: Colossal dark tadpoles. Fiery "plasma falls." Van Gogh vortices. These are a few of the strange things Japan's Hinode spacecraft has found inside polar crown prominences on the sun. Visit for must-see movies.

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Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society