Saturday, July 19, 2008

September Newsletter Deadline Aug 21st

Have you wanted to submit something cool to the PAStimes Newsletter and just haven't done it yet? Well, this is your chance to do it. Don is putting together our September Issue and seeking submissions. The deadlnie for these submission, if they are to make it in the September issue (space permitting) will be Aug 21st. And where do you send them? To, of course. We would love to have some new info in the newsletter.

Also, when the next issue comes out, keep an eye out for the cool columns we have in this year's edition.
1) Leah has been producing an awesome Arizona Sky article and we hope she will continue it for this next year, as well.
2) And Terri has been putting in the upcoming events with details and all the info you need to know to attend the events. Look for the event date in the calendar and then go to the Upcoming PAS Events in the newsletter and read about each event you might want to attend. Be sure to RSVP where requested so that we can have your assistance as well.
3) And watch for Kevin's art. His cartoons are a very good addition to the newsletter.

Of course, without Don, we wouldn't have a newsletter so keep sending him the reviews from events and other fun things to include in the next issue.

It's all in there, and more!!! The September Issue of PAStimes Newsletter. Coming, soon, to a website near you!!!!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Bookman's FREE Telescope Workshop 7/20 2:30pm to 6:30pm with Guest Speaker

Tomorrow is the big day.
RSVP your attendance. We currently have 3 PAS Members, 2 spouses, & 3 RSVP's from the public. Your help is needed!!!

The event happens at Bookman's on 19th Ave and Northern from 2:30 to 6:30pm. We have a special presentation from Leah on WHAT YOU CAN SEE IN THE TELESCOPE. Seating is limited, RSVP today.

The presentation will begin around 3pm and go until Leah has concluded her topic. Please come enjoy the afternoon with us.

Attendees should bring paper and pencil to take notes. If you are attending with a telescope and need help unloading or loading it into Bookman's back room, just let us know when you come in. Bring your questions.

Several of us bring our laptops for searching for info on the internet. We can also assist you with the PAS website if you have questions about it.

We hope to see you there. RSVP is required either via the calendar on the PAS website, or by email at by Sunday 2pm.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Friday, July 18, 2008

7/18 Star Party CANCELED

Tonight's Star Party 7/18 has been CANCELED

at PV Park.

Thank you for your interest.

See you at the next event!!!

See for more events in the calendar.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Have You Seen Comet Boattini?

Have You Seen Comet Boattini?

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Full Moon Star Party - Fri 7/18 at PV Park 7:30pm to 10pm

FULL MOON STAR PARTY 7/18 7:30pm to 10pm

Currently, at 2pm-ish on Thursday afternoon,
I'm looking at the weather forecast and it is
showing 30% cloud cover, winds will be ok,
and 10% chance of rain. We know that unless it is
30% chance of rain, we usually do not get the rain
because the heat of the ground evaporates any
chance of rain coming down during the heat of summer.

So, it looks like the star party will be happening.
RSVP is with Rod.
Please, if you have not already RSVP'd in the calendar on our website
then drop Rod an email to let him know you are attending.
With Monsoon season, we want to reach you before you
drive to the location only to find that we canceled it due
to weather. So, even though today it looks like a good
forecast and nice weather, tomorrow could bring unexpected
clouds or rain. RSVP today!

Everyone is welcome. We are starting this star party after the Sun is
on the horizon, around 7:30pm. No Solar Viewing.

Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the Moon will be the highlights.
Last night, Jupiter was right by the Moon and it was really nice
to see!!! Naked Eye. It will be even more spectacular in a telescope.

Also remember, if there are NO Public RSVp's, we cancel this type of
star party. I was just looking at the RSVP's in the calendar and noticed
that 2 PAS members have RSVP'd as "NO." So far that is all we have. Rod
will probably cancel this star party if no one says they are attending.
I currently have NO RSVP's from the public.

Watch for a notice! Around 3pm Friday we will call it on or off!!!
Watch the weather.

If the star party happens, please have a super star gazing night!
I can't attend, I have other obligations that night, but
those of you who can, will enjoy it!!!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pretty Sky Alert & Colliding Storm Update

Space Weather News for July 16, 2008

PRETTY SKY ALERT: The brightest lights in the night sky are having
a get-together. On July 16th and 17th, Jupiter and the nearly-full Moon
will be side-by-side in the constellation Sagittarius. The pair rise in the
southeast just after nightfall and remain visible all night long. That's not
all: The International Space Station is making a series of evening passes
over Europe and North America and it will join Jupiter and the Moon
over many towns and cities. Check the Simple Satellite Tracker to
find out when to look:

COLLIDING STORM UPDATE: Earlier this month, Jupiter's Little
Red Spot got caught between two larger storms (the Great Red Spot
and Oval BA), and the Little Red Spot was destroyed. Or was it?
New amateur photos of Jupiter show that the Little Red Spot may
be re-forming. Not only that, it seems to be drifting back toward
the Great Red Spot for a second collision. Updates will be posted
on as the storms converge anew.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society


Good morning PAS members!!!

It was brought to my attention that our photographer, a highly needed
person for a photo shoot, will be unavailable for our first photo shoot
date. Thus we are canceling the photo shoot for July 19th.

Now, because of Monsoons and becvuase the next date has an event
on it already, I'm going to cancel July 26th as well. Monsoons are just
getting in the way.

So, here is the back up plan. 3pm in the heat of summer, is very hot.
I agree with what Sam writes below.... in that the monsoons are getting
in the way, and relocating the photo shoot to another location, further
away, won't be good for gas prices either.

So, Let's look at October, the early part of October.... And why I picked
October over September is that the news people say that the Monsoon
season lasts to Sept 30. I"m not saying we are going to have rain up to
then, I'm thinking, why not get away from that possibility. And the
Beginning of October is usually really decent weather.... and cooler at 3pm.

So, I'm going to announce right here that we will set up 2 of the following
dates in October, the first of which will be set, the second will be backup,
etc. And I want input. If you can attend in October on the following dates,
give me your list of which dates and we will go with the 2 dates, like we
did for July, that have the most people being able to attend.

We will still do it at N. Mt Park V.C. becuase the view there is really nice
and I think it will show us in the foreground with our scopes, with some
AZ scenery behind us. Chris can pick the actual location to do the photo
shoot there at N. Mt Park, if he sees something better than the trees I
decided to do it by at the circular walkway. We will meet at the circular
walkway at 3pm, and move to our set up location after Chris picks it,
thus allowing for a nice background for our photo.

So, here are some dates to consider. I'm going to include some in September
too, so we have enough to choose from.

Your RSVP will be required for Attendance/photo.

Your RSVP is to confirm the dates you can attend. Let me know as soon
as you can.
I think I'll set a deadline of Sept 15th to let me know which dates work
for you.

Sept 20 would be a good date, nothing extra planned on it. 3pm?

We are already at N. Mt Park Oct 4th, that would be an awesome day,
but we may wish to set up 3 hours prior for the photo.... the star party
begins at 5,
we could set up for photo at 2pm, allowing time to take photo, clean up
from photo, move to new set up location, maybe have food before crowd
comes, and then start star party there at 5pm. Ideas? Does 2pm work
on this date for everyone?

What's cool about doing this in October is that Bruce can be there with
his 20". That would be great for the club photo!!!

Oct 11 - A clear date, no events currently. Let's put that one down for 3pm.

Oct 18 - A clear date, no events currently. Let's put that one down for 3pm.

Oct 25 has BCC star party so we won't schedule that date.

Now, if we can get more people to attend for the photo shoot on Oct 4th,
I'd prefer to do that date as we are already scheduled to be there.

What's your input? And give me your RSVP's. You can always change the
RSVP up to the Deadline, but if Know how many can attend what dates,
it will be better for picking the 2 we need to set up.

CHRIS I need your input as well.

Here's what Sam wrote:
Thank you Sam, for your input and I agree with all you have said here.

Terri, Since Chris is unavailable this Saturday to photograph us (see his comments in the
Forum), I assume you are canceling the 3 pm photo shoot at N. Mt. Let me know for sure.
He suggests that we have the photo shoot on July 26th at Black Canyon City. Since we
are in monsoon season, I think it is a waste of gasoline to have us go way out there for a
photoshoot, since it would be unlikely the skies would be good enough for a star party.
I still think you should have the photo shoot in the valley. If you want to postpone it until
the fall when weather is nicer, that is ok with me, but if you want it July 26th, I suggest
we have it in the Valley to save gas money. Also, I don't know if people are on vacation,
or just don't care to be in the picture, but the fact that only you and I rsvp'd to be in the
photo surprises me. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Sam

I've given everyone 4 dates above to choose from. RSVP for those you are
available for now so we can pick the date we will do it.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guest Speaker for Bookman's Telescope Workshop 7/20


Bring the whole family, but remember to RSVP to be assured you have
seating for this next Bookman's Telescope Workshop.
We will meet in Bookman's, first come, first served for seating,
at 2:30pm. 3pm we have a Guest Speaker.

Guest Speaker: Leah Sapir

Topic: Even a small backyard telescope can show us plenty of things in the universe, including objects in our own solar system, objects in our galaxy outside the solar system, and even distant objects far outside our galaxy. This illustrated presentation will give you an overview of all the things that we can see in a telescope!

Plan to attend!!! RSVp with Terri by day before or on PAS Website on the Calendar.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 17 - 2 Bright ISS Flybys

July 27, 2008

Satellite Rise time Direction to look Transit time Max elevation Magnitude

05:05:10 am NNW 05:07:32 58° -2.6 (very bright)

08:51:32 pm WSW 08:54:38 26° 4.1 (dim)

09:28:19 pm WSW 09:30:37 56° -2.5 (very bright)

Data from

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Asteroid passes by Earth Monday

Space Weather News for July 13, 2008

ASTEROID 2008 BT18: Large asteroid 2008 BT18 is gliding past
Earth this weekend and astronomers have just discovered that it
is a binary system. Radar images of the close-approaching space
rock reveal two components, a 600 meter primary and a 200+
meter secondary. Experienced amateur astronomers in the southern
hemisphere may be able to photograph the double-rock using
backyard telescopes and CCD cameras on July 14th when 2008
BT18 makes its closest approach to Earth (2 million km). The
asteroid will flit through Canis Major, heading south, glowing
like a 13th magnitude star. Visit for
radar images and ephemerides.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society