Friday, September 17, 2010


Good afternoon,

PAS is hosting a super Star Party at PV Park tomorrow.
RSVP is requested to be sure I bring enough handouts for everyone.
Drop me an email at by noon tomorrow,
or if it is after noon but before 4:30pm, you can call my cell to let me know
you will be attending 602-561-5398. When you call, leave just your first name
and number of attendees coming with you.

You can find out all the info you need to know about this event at:

In brief, we are:

Observing the Moon
Observing anything else that is available in the night sky.

Sunset 6:15pm
Venus visible 6:15pm - sets 7:45pm
Moon visible all day into the night
Saturn visible 6:20 - sets 6:50pm
Mars visible 6:20 - sets 7:45pm
Jupiter rises at 6:45pm
Dark 7:20pm

We will be setting up about 5:30pm, to begin at 6pm, however
for those early bird arrivals, we hope to catch a planet or two.
From 6pm to dark we will show what we can of the planets
that are available first, then move our attention to the moon
and fainter objects.

PAS was awarded a Moon rock to share and have on display.
Come check it out. You can hold a piece of the Moon in your hand.

And Wendy from ASU will be providing posters for viewing,
and handouts about the moon. Thank you Wendy.

Mike will be there with his collection of Meteorites. Hold a real
meteorite in your hand. Mike loves and has a lot of meteorites to share.

At the moment, we have 3 scopes lined up to attend, but more may make it
before the end of the night.

Come have some fun with us. Your RSVP is requested.
Bring your own Chairs, snacks and drinks.
Bathrooms are available, but are not always the cleanest.

We'd love to have you join us.
Weather should be awesome.
You don't have to arrive on time, but you should let me konw you
are attending. Bring the whole family!!!

Terri, Event Coordinator

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society