Friday, October 17, 2008

Orionids Meteor Shower Oct 21

Received this from Astronomy Newsletter, Astronomy Magazine via email:

A Last Quarter Moon hinders observations of this year's Orionid meteor shower. Still, this annual shower will be worth a look. First, the Orionids tend to produce bright, swift meteors. Second, the shower may produce more meteors than usual. It exhibited strong activity in 2006, with rates 3 times higher than normal, and some astronomers suspect enhanced activity this year as well.

The Orionids peak before dawn October 21. Observers with excellent sky conditions can expect to see perhaps 10 meteors per hour. The Orionid shower remains a popular event with backyard observers because the nights at this time of year aren't too cold and, even without meteors, the winter sky looks spectacular on display in the autumn morning.

To find more observable objects in your sky, visit's sky events calender here.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

New on The NASA/NOAA SciJinks Web Site

Find answers to hard questions at the SciJinks Weather Laboratory

The SciJinks Weather Laboratory at is a website for
middle school-age children, sponsored by both NASA and NOAA. Skyjacks
presents weather and other Earth science topics via games, stories, and fun
facts, as well as simple, concise answer to often-asked ³how and why²
questions. For example, answers will be found to ³Why is the sky blue?,²
³How does a hurricane form?² and ³Why do we have seasons?²

Two new ³how & whys² have recently been added:
* How did earth¹s atmosphere form?
* Why doesn¹t the atmosphere just float off into space?

Other how and why topics are listed at
Additional weather-related resources for teachers are available at

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pre-advertising for PAS Swap Meet - Dec 4, 2008

How would you like to get some pre-advertising for the items you plan to sell at the December PAS Swap Meet?

Send info about your item, just a very brief description & starting price to me and Don & I will post it in the December PAStimes newsletter as ITEMS YOU MIGHT FIND AT THIS YEAR'S PAS SWAP MEET.

Remember, if you don't sell it at the swap meet, PAS also has a forum set up where by any current PAS member can post their items for sale. If you don't know how to post them, send it to me and I'll do it for you. It will stay up there for everyone to view until it is sold.

So, send me your items.

1) Send the items you will be bringing to the PAS Swap Meet for the newsletter.

2) The rest can be put on line to sell.


Thanks. We hope to see you at the DECEMBER PAS SWAP MEET where you are sure to find a bargain.

When is the December PAS Swap Meet? At the December 4th PAS Meeting in the PVCC Library at 7pm.

This is how the PAS Swap Meet works:

Bring your items. For each item, grab a separate piece of paper.
On it put an item description and your starting price. If you forget your
paper and marker, Terri will have extras as the meeting for use. I prefer
you pre-do the write up before the meeting as that will allow everyone
more time to bid on your items, rather than you standing there waiting
on me to find the paper and pen, for you to make your signs.

Leave the rest of the page blank.

Then, as everyone mills around looking at the items for sale,
they can add their bid and either their first name or initials next to
their bid. The bidding goes on from 7pm to 9:15pm.

When the speaker has finished for the night, we close the meeting, and those
needing to swap cash for purchases can do so. So, from about 9:15 to 9:30 the transactions happen and everyone leaves happy. Remember, we HAVE TO BE out of the Library by 9:30pm.

It's a fun swap. We'd love to see you there!

You do not need to be a PAS member to include your item for sale or
to purchase.

You do need to be a PAS member to get your item listed in the newsletter in the Pre-advertised section...

and You do need to be a PAS member to freely post your item in the forums on the website. You are doing the posting, or email Terri your items and she will post them for you.

But you do not need to be a PAS member to advertise for a small fee, your item in the forums on the website. Small fee - PAS asks for $2+ donation (your donation is appreciated) to advertise your item for sale. Make the check out to PAS. You can send it to Me ( with the ad by post office, or send the check, and then email Terri with the details. When the check is received, the details will be put on line.

Have a super day! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society

Nov 1, 2008 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED at Anthem Star Party

We currently have 3 RSVP 's from the public, families (Total about 10 people),
attending our Anthem Star Party on Nov 1.
We need more Volunteers.

If you know when you can arrive and what you'd like
to do for the star party, I'd love to know this in advance
so we know if we have this star party covered.

The plan thus far:

Star Party starts at Noon.
Set up can be 11:30 - 11:45 depending on how long it takes you to set up.
If you are quick, you can arrive at Noon.
I hope to have Rod there with the Canopy's so we have someplace to
hide, away from the sun.

1st Shift: Anyone who can not stay for the evening session, should attend
the daytime session with some astronomy activity, or Solar Viewing. Daylight hours.

2nd Shift: If you can not attend the daytime portion, please RSVP for evening and show the night sky. Evening hours.

The Anthem star party is a yearly event that PAS puts on for the Anthem community and we invite everyone to join in the fun. If you want to come up from Phoenix, please plan to attend.

As of 10/13 we currently have the following appreciated Volunteers.

William, Terri,
Ed, Bette, & Bruce will be doing hands on demos, puzzles, and give away
prizes for participation.
We will be departing around 4pm.

Don will be showing the Moon.


Don will be showing objects at night.

This is not enough volunteers and we can really use your help. If you can assist, please RSVP today! If you are a PAS member,RSVP in the calendar. if you are not a current PAS member, drop me an email, to RSVP. Thank you!

You assistance is greatly appreciated!

RSVP today!!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society