Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Phoenix Lander - Martian N. Pole May 25th

Hi All:
I was just at the old State Senate building (at 17Th ave and Washington)
and there is an exhibit on the Mars lander. It is called the Phoenix Lander
and will land, crash, or burn up at the Martian north pole on May 25Th.
Personally I think, as Dr, Dee said, it is a big waste of money due to the
problems we have on this wonderful, beautiful planet Earth (my favorite
planet by far). Is there life on Mars? This is the question being asked of
the mission. Well there are probably amino acids but that isn't life. Also
if it gets hit by a coronal mass ejection it will be Cajun life (a very sarcastic j
oke)! Anyway it is free to the public.
At the last WOW event I was doing my why does a telescope magnify
and I asked, "What is 3X3?" The answer I got was six. I know
they were younger than most but they should know what 3X3 is. Again
I am appalled at the lack of education in this state. I may have to redouble
my efforts to do events just to supplement the education system here. I
will be at PVCC this Thursday. I hope to see members of PAS; I just hope
they aren't defending global warming and hoping to live in lava tubes on
the Moon and Mars. I must say I am glad Dr. Dee is deaf and didn't hear
that!!! LAVA TUBES!!!
Thanks for listening (reading actually) to my venting,

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society