Tuesday, April 8, 2008

May 9th Cub Scouts need a star party at a location in N. Phx

I need volunteers for this event.... More details will be posted as I receive them.
I talked with our contact, Kari.
There will be 15 cubs and their parents, so she predicts 50 viewers.
They have goals to reach for their cub scout badges. One of them is to focus a telescope. I asked if she could provide the telescope for that purpose, and she will hunt one down.
Other items to be viewed will be listed as I get that list. Those who volunteer will be put in
contact with Kari.

I need one PAS member to be the RSVP for this party and take over the planning and discussing what is needed with Kari.

Remember, we have N. Mt Park star party that same night. So, if you volunteer for one or the other, now is the time to make the change as to which one you will assist with.

The date is May 9th. Times and location aren't in hand yet. Watch for future posting.
You will be setting up in someone's back yard, and there is driving up to the back yard available,
plus it will be on the grass.

I figure only 2 scopes are needed for this one. If you want to be one of those scopes, drop me an email today. Thanks

THIS JUST IN: The home is located around Glendale Ave and 3rd street area.


Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society