Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Busy double booked dates for PAS - RSVP today - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

I was going through our schedule of events and I have a bunch of dates that PAS is needed at 2+ locations in one night. I'm going to make a list below and if you plan to help at any of these events, please RSVP with me right away. If you plan to attend any, also RSVP so we know what the attendance will be like. Thanks so much for your help in advance. Those who have RSVP'd so far are listed. RSVP with me unless otherwise noted.

Apr 11
Sunset Ridge 5pm
RSVP's: Chet, Don, Terri, Mike, Frank, Rod, Bruce

Apr 25: WOW star party at Phx Zoo 6pm to 9pm, Chet needs help, please drop him an email to let him know you can attend

Apr 26th:
Mike's lecture & star party at N. Mt Park V.C.
RSVP's: Mike, Rod, Terri, Don, (Public: Janice, Justin)

May 2:
Astro day at PVCC Noon to 10pm
RSVP's: Rod (Solar & Evening), Sam (Solar & Evening), Terri (Activities & Evening)

Wow Star party at Reach 11 6pm to 9pm, Chet needs help, please drop him an email to let him know you can attend

Some of you can start out at PVCC during the day, and then leave when it is time to go help Chet at Reach 11 park. The park isn't far from PVCC. RSVP if you wish to help out in this way. Thanks.

May 3: Meteor Shower party at PV Park 6pm to 10pm

May 8: PVCC Star Party 5pm to 10pm On campus by Domes

May 9:
Cub scout star party around Glendale & 3rd Street
5:30pm to 9pm ?

N. Mt Park star party 5pm to 9:30pm
RSVp's: Terri

I think that covers the double booked star parties and some coming up that I do not have any volunteers for as of yet.

Volunteers are needed. If you want to assist at any of these events, drop me an email today. Thanks.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society