Wednesday, February 6, 2008



The Social is a gathering of everyone you see at PAS star parties who is a PAS Member, or Family or Friend of a member. If you aren't a PAS Member, you must be invited by a PAS Member to attend. This is a fun party. We do not have alcohol (the location will not allow it). The idea is to socialize with those folks who you see at night under the stars and you wish you had more time to chat with, but during a public star party, you just do not have the time. Now is the time!

We are asking for an RSVP to Terri so we can be sure we have enough plastic-ware, cups, food, chairs, name tags etc. Please RSVP by deadline for attendance, deadline moved to Fri 2/8 3pm.

To make the party more fun, we have a gift swap. This is not Christmas gifts. It is meant to be a game. Bring an astronomy related gift, one that you would love to receive yourself, wrapped and disguised, to the Social and play the White Dwarf Gift Exchange with us. You are not required to play, but if you wish to play, a gift is required. We want you to play! Please choose something between $15 & $20 to be fair to others. If you purchase a gift under $10 and feel it isn't enough, put several items in the box to make up the difference. One Gift, wrapped, per person playing the game. Upon arrival at the Social, please swap your gift for a raffle ticket, to play the game. Disguise the gifts. No one needs to know you brought it or how much it cost, or what it is. Just bring it along, wrapped, ready for the game. It doesn't matter what you wrap it in, either. Some of us only have Christmas wrap in their house (me), so it can come in aluminum foil if you wish. Disguise it, make it very pretty, make it worth fighting for.

Food: Since we don't have the extra food & drink, we are asking that each person (kids excluded) bring a food and drink with them. One food and one drink per person attending. Drinks can be a 2 liter bottle of pop, or a 6 pack, or a box of hot cocoa packets, a jug of water, any form of more than one person may drink while there. No Alcohol. It can be a meat, a main dish, a dessert, chips and dip as one item, chips and salsa as one item, a veggie dish, a candy dish. Just bring one dish worth of what every you wish to bring. I know that Jerry always bring chicken to the social. I don't know where he gets it from so maybe we will have Jerry's chicken and KFC Chicken. Both would be different and welcome.

Please, no smoking inside the building.

Table Decorations. We are not looking for Christmas decorations for this party. However, if that is the only Table Decoration you can find, bring it. Bring something really awesome, cute, funny, pretty, what ever. It may be worth your while. Upon entering the Social, get a number from me for your decoration on a sticky note. Put the sticky note on your decoration, and sign up on the page that is supplied. You will be taking your own table decoration back home with you. You are not donating it or leaving it behind.

Clean up: We are all adults. We can be responsible for our own mess. Choose your location to sit and enjoy your dinner, and then clean up what you are done with before leaving. If everyone takes the effort to do this, we can have the place cleaned up quickly that night. Sue and Terri will probably be the ones setting up the Social and taking it back down. If you can assist, let me know.

Below is the short version of this list. If you can donate any of the items requested below, that would be awesome. Let me know today I have them coming to me for use at the social.

  • Bring one Table Decoration per family to decorate your dining table – Not necessary to be Holiday related – any theme welcome, keep it kid appropriate. You will be taking it home with you.

  • Door Prizes needed: Door, Dart, Table Decor (if you can donate one extra astronomy related wrapped door prize, let me know.

  • Sign up page on Piano by door: Dart, Pool, Movie, Number your Decoration.

  • Bring 1 Food, 1 Drink per Person attending (no alcohol please), Children do not need to bring drink and food.

  • Bring 1 Astronomy related White Dwarf Gift. Gift is requirement to play the game. One gift per person. Everyone bringing a gift, will leave with a gift.

  • Bring Family, Friends, but remind them the rules pertain to them as well and they MUST RSVP just like you are doing or you do it for them.

  • Rules: Clean up after yourself for the enjoyment of everyone

  • Decided to do large hot water container, bring instant coffee, tea bags, hot chocolate packets to share. A box of one of these items may take the place of one drink for a person attending.

  • RSVP for attendance by Feb 8th 3pm

  • RSVP today if you'd like to help set up for the Social. Social starts at 4pm. I”d suggest we get there around 3pm to get everything organized and laid out for that night. We need a place to hang the dart boards.

We'd like to see you at this awesome party! Come join us. And if you invite a friend, they must RSVP their attendance too. Make sure they bring the appropriate items. Everyone attending must bring food, & drink. See you there!


  • A gift is required to play the game. One gift per person playing. Gifts should range from $15 - $20 and be something astronomy related you'd like to have yourself.

  • The game will begin like this: You will come to the Social, swap your gift for a raffle ticket. Your gift goes on the table as a random item to be chosen by the players. Don't let anyone know you brought that gift. It is a secret and we keep it disguised.

  • Once in a circle for the game, those playing will be chosen in the order of the raffle tickets drawn.

  • Player 1 chooses a gift from the Gift Table.

  • Player 2 may steal Player 1's gift, or choose one from the table.

  • Player 3 then steals from Player 1 or 2, or chooses one from the table.

  • The main rule is – you can not steal a gift from the one who just stole it from you. However, if you steal from Player 1, Player 1 can take from Player 2, Player 2 can take the gift you stole, and the gift can circulate that way. The limit will be 30 seconds of circular thieving. So, if 3 people are swapping around and around, 30 seconds later the bell will ding and who ever is left with no gift, must then steal from another player or take from the table.

  • All gifts stay wrapped until everyone in the game has a gift in their hand (all raffle tickets are used). Then, we open the gifts in the order of the first raffle ticket drawn, and circle clockwise around the circle until all gifts have been opened.

  • There will be a gift exchange table. When the game is over, if you do not wish to keep your gift, you may exchange it on the Gift Exchange Table, by leaving it there. During the night, someone who has a gift they don't' want to keep, can swap for the gift already on the table, leaving theirs behind for someone else. When you leave that night, be sure to leave with a gift, if you brought one with you.

Highlights of the game.

  • Laughing your head off as the stolen gifts keep circulating around and around. There won't be a limit on the number of stolen gifts, however, if it gets out of hand, we may ask that someone be brave and take a gift from the table or someone else to help the game move forward.

  • Receiving a really cool gift. There will be more adults than kids at this party. In fact, no children under 16 have RSVP'd as of today. So, keep the gifts more adult astronomy related.


Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society