Wednesday, February 6, 2008

PAS Bookman's FREE Telescope Workshops


DAYTIME: Please RSVP today for the next GREAT Workshop.
Bring your telescope and join us at Bookman's in the back room.
These events are FREE and designed to help you learn how to use your telescope by day!
Yes, this is an important thing to do. How do you know how to release your scope from its locked position by night, when you don't even know where the knobs are? So, bring your scope, accessories, star charts, etc, and come talk to the PAS Telescope Team about your telescope.

EVENING: Then, watch for an announcement about a SPECIAL TELESCOPE TRAINING WORKSHOP in the evening hours. We hold these events at PV Park. Why? Because you can see by moon light, what you are doing, thus you will learn to use your scope and still be able to find objects in some lighting before going out to the deep dark locations that PAS loves to have their more private parties at. By the time you are done learning how to use your scope by day at Bookman's, and a crash course by evening at PV Park, you will be ready to embark on a darker location with PAS, such as our Black Canyon City site, or the Two Trees Site.

Everyone is welcome at both of these types of event. Please RSVP your attendance. The next event coming up will be Feb 10th. We begin at 3pm and go until 6:30 or until our class breaks up.
Dinner afterwards is at Carlos O'Briens and everyone is welcome to join us there. RSVP for dinner attendance with Terri

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society