Wednesday, February 6, 2008

PAS Meeting 2/7/08

PAS Meeting 2/7/08

Good morning All,

The New PAS Digest is happening!
I welcome all of you to this new way of communication between the PAS membership and the PAS Guests! Everyone is welcome to join this PAS Blog to stay in touch with what's happening with PAS.
Did you RSVP with Terri for a star party? Well, this is the way we notify you of a canceled, due to weather, event. You will definitely want to stay in touch through the PAS Digest Blog.

Our first announcement for today is the PAS meeting that happens tomorrow night. Please remember, it is not being run by PAS. Snacks and drinks will not be provided. The meeting itself will have an awesome speaker with the topic of "DID GOD SO LOVE THE MULTIVERSE?" or something similar to that. Dr. Page will begin his presentation promptly at 7pm. Seating is limited. There will be none of the usual PAS activites, such as announcements or 50/50 Raffle, etc. This is totally run by PVCC. Don't be late! See you there!


Thu Feb 7 – PAS Meeting, the first of the year! 7Pm to 9:30pm in PVCC Library. Awesome speaker lined up. Please see list of speakers below! SPECIAL MEETING: SPEAKER BEGINS 7PM SHARP.

Here's some info about Dr. Page:

Monotheistic religions such as Judaism and Christianity affirm that God loves all humans and created them in His image. However, we have learned from Darwin that we were not created separately from other life on earth. Some Christians opposed Darwinian evolution because it undercut certain design arguments for the existence of God. Today there is the growing idea that the fine-tuned constants of physics might be explained by a multiverse with very many different sets of constants of physics. Some Christians oppose the multiverse for similarly undercutting other design arguments for the existence of God. However, undercutting one argument does not disprove its conclusion. In this lecture, Dr. Page will argue that multiverse ideas, though not automatically a solution to the problems of physics, deserve serious consideration and are not in conflict with Christian theology.
Biographical Sketch
Dr. Page received his bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics from William Jewell College in Liberty , Missouri . He completed a Ph.D. in physics and astronomy in 1976 at the California Institute of Technology, under the supervision of Kip Thorne and Stephen Hawking. Page was a postdoctoral researcher under Hawking at the University of Cambridge in England 1976-79. He served as Professor of Physics at Penn State University before moving to the University of Alberta in Edmonton , Alberta , Canada where he presently holds the position of Professor of Physics.

Also see more info in the Feb PAS Newsletter, available on line NOW!

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