Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weather for Fri 3/14 and Sat 3/15 Star Parties

The weather does not look very promising. We must be having a storm or something heading our way.

For Friday, I see in the prediction 16mph winds and 80% cloud cover during our star party. Friday is a public event and we usually have handouts that will be blown away by this much wind. Friday I will be monitoring the weather from my computer and can email anyone who wishes to know the status, or just go to your favorite weather site and track it, as well.

For Saturday, the winds are stronger, but the sky will be more clear, with only 50% cloud cover. The wind won't bother us that much during this class, however, if the newbie wishes to see anything good, the winds shouldn't be over 10mph. Saturday I will not have the chance to monitor the weather and will have to rely on Rod and don to give me an update around 4pm as to if we are doing the star party or not.

Before you rush out to the star parties, please confirm with Rod, Don, or myself that the sky is clear enough to have the star party. Watch the weather and check with Rod, Don or Terri for an update throughout the day. We may get lucky and still be able to hold the star parties. Won't know until the day/time gets closer.

Have a super Thursday!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society