Friday, March 14, 2008

NASA Space Place

NASA Space Place

As some of you know, PAS has been working with NASA Space Place
to bring science to Kids. Nancy, my contact there, sends me all sorts
of really cool things that we use for prizes for our events. Well, they also
update their site often and send me that info as well. Below is a current
message from Nancy about a new addition to their site. We appreciate all Nancy has done and will do for PAS through the NASA Space Place program. Enjoy!


Another fun (and informative) "make and do" activity has just been
added to the Space Place web site: "Gummy Greenhouse Gases."

Please help us get the word out via your newsletter, e-mail lists,
and/or web site.

I have attached a short announcement on the new addition. Feel
free to use it and share it.



Get Your Gummy Greenhouse Gases!
Making science edible--and sweet--is a reliable way to attracts
kids' interest. The new "Gummy Greenhouse Gases" activity on
The Space Place web site makes it fun and easy to learn a bit of
chemistry and to find out why too many of these kinds of molecules
in the air are likely to cause Earth to get warmer. At, kids use gumdrops
and toothpicks to make simple molecules of ozone, nitrous oxide, carbon
dioxide, water vapor, and methane. The curious can go on to to learn more about the
greenhouse effect and about the "good and bad" roles of ozone. A short
video shows how new space technology can literally paint a 3-D picture
of these gases all around the globe. Afterwards, the ghastly gases can
be consumed (mind the toothpicks!), thus helping the environment.
Nancy Leon
Education and Public Outreach Lead
NASA New Millennium Program/Space Place

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society