Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunset Ridge Star Party Apr 11th

My contact at Sunset Ridge needs a head count. If you are attending, and planning to help out, let me know so she can know how much pizza to order for us.

She is also collecting tips again which will be good to split among the telescope operators.

And we are setting up at 5pm for viewing of the Sun.

Then it gets dark around 7:30 for evening viewing.

And we are packing it in at 9pm.

If you have to arrive late, just let me know ahead of time, but feel free to arrive when you need to.... And if you have to leave early, that is up to you. I prefer every stay until 9pm so that we all take down at the same time.

Remember, this is the star party with the stairs you have to come down to get into the field. It wasn't a super long walk but a walk and if your scope isn't small, you may wish to ask for help moving it.

RSVp as of 9:30pm 3/31 is:

P.S. I haven't finished going through all my mail, so this may not be all attending.


Rod & Sue

Frank C.

Terri & William




I will miss the volunteer help of Jane VonSchilling this time. She was of great assistance at this star party last year. She has moved out of state. Hopefully she can visit PAS sometime in the future.

RSVP if you aren't on this list, and if you haven't already. A confirmation email will come your way if I got your RSVP.

Please have a super evening!!! See you at Sunset Ridge!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society