Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunset Ridge Elementary School Star Party Apr 11th

Good morning,

I've convinced them to bring in pizza for this star party. Remember last year? It was good to have the food there so some of us could show up earlier for the star party.
RSVP is requested from my TEAM. So, drop me an email right away.

This star party is Apr 11th.
We are arriving and setting up around 5pm.
They have said we could take it down about 9pm or 9:30, they aren't sure when.
I told them we have a big event the next day and would like to pack it in about 9pm.

We are also getting tips and splitting them equally among the telescopes that are there.

There will NOT be a treasure hunt this year, as I don't have the prizes for it. All the prizes I would have given are going to the Mayer event. So, no treasure hunt, just show an object that no one else is on....

Moon, Saturn, Mars and Sun are our highlights for that evening.
Your attendance is welcome and appreciated.
Let me know you are coming.

If you need the map, it is in the newsletter, or if that one isn't that good, put the address into MapQuest and seek it out. This is a very worth while star party. We enjoyed it tremendously. The kids attending are 7th Graders. It isn't a large bunch but with all the parents there and siblings we had about 50 in attendance last time.

Come have fun with us.
RSVP right now.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society