Thursday, June 18, 2009

Star Observer

Received from my good friend who runs the Star Observer website. Enjoy:

Hi all,

I just posted two new observing reports on my new website,

The first is on NGC 6910, a small and compact open cluster in Cygnus. When observing this open cluster you see bright yellow stars, that are in fact B-stars. So they should appear white. What causes the yellowish appearance is explained in this article, where I got some great help from Professor James Kaler, author of some of the best books on stars, and Dr. Franz Gruber, who sent me a few magnificent deepsky images of the Cygnus area to illustrate the high degree of nebulosity in the Cygnus area. To read the full report, follow this link:

The second is about

eta Persei is a bright double star, placed within a striking asterism. When I was writing my notes on this double, I found out the collecting the right data is sometimes much more complicated than you think. I got some help from an Austrian astro-photograpeher, Peter Wienerroither. His image of eta Persei was a great help in identifying all the components of eta Persei. To read the full report, just follow this link:

Clear skies!


Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society