Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ISS Viewing tonight

Dear Astro friends and family...
As most of you know...the Space Shuttle Vehicle will retire shortly and the days are number of how many more go up in space.. 3 or more??
Tues - Tonight at 7:31pm just above Venus in low west..(must have clear low horizon at this time), The space shuttle(1.3mag) will come across and follow a track most of sky to the north..(staying low about 15degs) cutting across under Cassiopeia and Cepheus constellations.. 14minutes later the ISS-(7:45pm--0.7mag)..International Space station will follow the same track across the sky.

On Thursday night 3/19...still not sure...they will be only a minute or so apart in the sky.. before connecting.. At one time the website show this ..but it has changed.--..I will keep u posted if we can see both of them at same time in sky--on thursday night.
For ISS(0.8mag)(on thursday)..7:04pm..10degs above horizon(note u will be fighting twilight)--Maybe this is why it came off the site...the Shuttle is much dimmer(being smaller) and not a visual in twilight viewing..

Also ..note...if you have a wide field binos..even after it states the object goes into earth shadow...I have done a number of times --following the satellite in darkness with the aid of binos...

NOTE...Since I have many members & friends outside sedona..these numbers and times(above) are for sedona and up to 40mile radius..--For example..if u are in Cottonwood..20miles away the time difference is only 4seconds..not worth mentioning.
But in Vegas or phx.. there is a noticable change..

sincerely dennis

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society