Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Meeting of the Minds (PAS Business meeting)

G- 147 at PVCC
7pm - 10pm

This month we have a long Meeting Agenda.
Please feel free to download the Agenda on line at

If you have any topics you'd like added to the list, feel free to
email me at by 3pm the day of the meeting.
After 3pm I can't guarantee I will receive the email in time to add
your topic to the list.

Everyone is welcome to join the meeting. Remember, this is a Business
meeting, not a general meeting with a speaker. No children are allowed.
Children = under 18 yrs old or younger than attend a college. I know, some
17 years olds attend college, so that is acceptable.

We talk about the topics on the Agenda and those that we do not accomplish
prior to 10pm, will be bumped to the next MOM's, which will be Mar 26th.

No RSVP is needed. Just come have fun with us. Some of the topics in
the Agenda are also in the process of being discussed in the forums. Feel
free to read up on them prior to attending the meeting. This way you can
avoid repeating suggestions we already received in the forums. I will
be skimming the forums prior to the meeting and taking notes on what
everyone discussed, so that we can discuss them further. This could save
time when discussing items quickly at the meeting.

If you are one of the few who has NOT picked up their YEAR IN SPACE
Desk Calendar, please plan to attend this meeting, or come to the PAS
Meeting on Mar 5th. I will try to have the calendar at both meetings
just in case you attend to pick it up.

If your topic needs to be one of the first to be talked about becuase
you can not stick around until 10pm (the possible end of the meeting)
then let me know ahead of time so I can have that topic be discussed
earlier in the evening.

The Agenda, on line, is not the order in which the topics will be discussed.
I may send out an ordered list prior to the meeting sometime Thursday.
If not, you will find out the order of discussion at the meeting.

We will see you there!!!
Terri, Event Coordinator

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society