Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NEW IYA2009 Songs

Hello, my name is Allen Williams and I'm a music writer and producer.

Recently, I completed a song for IYA2009 called "Discover The Universe". The song is featured on a CD called "The NASA Songs (IYA2009 Special Edition)". It's an up tempo youth dance song that hopefully will bring more attention to the IYA2009. You can listen to the song at the following link. Also on this link is a song called "Earth's Song". "Earth's Song" is a beautiful instrumental that hopefully can be used to help bring about peace in the world. The CD also contains a song called "NASA", which is a classical-adventure song designed to inspire others to be filled with the imagination of space exploration. "NASA" from my understanding, is the first song to be written with the agency's name as a title song. Please note: The song "Discover The Universe" is only available on the "The NASA Songs" (IYA2009) CD's with the IYA2009 logo on the front covers. Please feel free to forward the links and this email to whomever you think might have an interest in the IYA2009 and NASA, be it friends, family, club members, or national and local radio stations. It would probably make a nice Star Party CD to have since so many youth enjoy watching the stars. Also available are some unique (Diner-mate) IYA2009 / NASA gift item on the links to Diner-Mate and Space Junk Cafe'.

Thanks and happy IYA2009!


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Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society