Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Attn: PAS Members - Topic: PAS Social

Good morning,

It was brought to my attention that some PAS members do not know how to get to Chris's home for the PAS Social on Jan 10th, 2009. Logically, Chris should provide a map with address and directions to him home in Goodyear at the next PAS Meeting on Jan 8th, 2009. However, should you miss the meeting and are planning to (AFTER YOU RSVP with me) attend the Social,
please note that all you have to do, as PAS Members, is go into the Downloads section of the website (heres's the link for those who haven't mastered navigating our site yet:
Pop into the Members Only area, and download the current PAS Roster, which has Chris's address. Then plug it into Google Maps and you are on your way.
You NEED to be a current PAS member with that status on the site to access this info. If you can not get the info you need that way, feel free to Email Chris by visiting the Contact page within the website for his email address
These are two ways to get the info needed to be able to attend the PAS Social. We are NOT, for security purposes, putting a map to Chris's home in the January issue of the Newsletter. Why? Because the newsletter is now public. It isn't ONLY PAS members who receive it. Anyone can access that info & since we try not to give out private info through the Newsletter, we chose not to do that. The other option is that Chris was going to put a map to his home in the Private PAS Calendar on the date of Jan 10th, so that those of us who don't know where he lives, can get a map that way. The calendar listing is here: I see the map is NOT there currently, so give me a few minutes to add it. Use it to get to Chris's.

Your RSVP is required for attendance. I want to be able to tell Chris how many are attending the party. It is a courteous thing to RSVp sooner than later. Thanks to all who wish to attend and those who have reminded me the map needs to be added to the site. See you at the party!

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society