Sunday, November 16, 2008

Posts arriving after the events have happened

I got an email from one of our subscribers from this Blog list. He says that the info comes to him after the fact from this blog. I looked at what he sent me. the option he chose to receive notices from this blog is as a digest, meaning a review at the end of the day, which includes all the messages at one time.

If this is your choice, to have all messages sent out as one digest, and you are not getting the
notices from this list on time for the events, I suggest you go into your access in Feedblitz
and make the change to INDIVIDUAL EMAIL'S so you get the notices about
canceled events and other star parties, like last night, the moment I send them out.

When I'm receiving notices, i write it, send it, and check my email, and it is already there. It's that fast. So, when i send out a cancel notice, those who get individual emails will receive it at that moment where as everyone else will, once a day, get the digest, which may be after the event
has occurred.

Since I'm hoping this will fix the issue, please let me know what you discover about this, if it works or not. Thanks.

You can email me at about this situation.
Have a super Sunday!

See you at BOOKMAN'S today 3pm to 6:30PM with Mike as our guest speaker at 4pm.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society