Saturday, November 8, 2008

[CSO] Paintshop, Gimp, or Photoshop?? For your astrophotos..

Hi everyone!

Todd Gross, from the "Common Sense Observer" here...

My apologies for a long lapse between posts. My observing lately
has been limited to small scopes and binoculars. I've also put
aside astrophotography in the short term. I thought about why.
One of the reasons my interest in Astrophotography waned
was that I was struggling with the software, post-observing

For instance, when I was doing a lot of planetary astrophotography,
just a few years ago, even deep sky, I was at a disadvantage in
that I did not know how to use Photoshop. So I learned Paintshop,
which cost less so was less risk involved. That was a
suitable substitute, you can see the results at
With Paintshop I was able to manipulate layers, and achieve
the same results as Photoshop with one big problem:

All the articles written in Sky and Tel, and Astronomy and
others, and the articles coming out online had Photoshop
instructions. It would have taken too much effort to figure
out the differences in Paintshop, leaving me frustrated.

Working in Television we also often used Gimp , I just couldnt
get use to it, and I admit I was simply waiting for someone,
some day to show me how to use Photoshop. It took years, but
ironically it happened by mistake, just last week....

In my other business, where I find online products, I am offering
a new Photoshop tutorial from my friend Stephen Luc, a video
tutorial that just changes everything. While I like Paintshop,
I can join the rest of the world and move to the standard now..

Here check this one out:

(Normally runs $67, but it is only $10 here, ignore
the Master Resale Rights option, that is for people who
want to sell this)

The first thing that went through my mind when I repackaged
this video tutorial series, and actually learned Photoshop at
long last, was just how handy it would be for
you know this has just been released! Now YOU can learn to
layer astrophotos, combine scenes, and the 1000 other things
I'm leaving out ;) AND you'll be able to follow along when
the next "how to" article comes out!



Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society