Sunday, May 18, 2008

ISS This Tuesday 5/20 & Thursday 5/22

Received from Randy,

There will be a good flyover by the International Space Station of the
central Arizona area (Phoenix metro area) on Tuesday, May 20. Look
just above the horizon to the south-west at 8:48 pm MST. Within
a minute or so you will see a bright star-like light moving toward you.
It will be brighter than any star in the sky, at about magnitude -2.6.
Within 3 minutes, it will be nearly overhead, and two minutes after
that (a total of about 5 minutes from horizon to horizon) it will pass
into the Earth's shadow to the north-east.
Forgot to set an alarm to remind you to look for it - and miss it?
You'll get a second chance on Thursday night, May 22. On this night,
at 7:58 pm MST, look again toward the south-west. Within about a
minute it will appear, and 2 minutes later will be nearly overhead.
About 3 minutes after that (a total of about 6 minutes from horizon
to horizon) it will disappear near the horizon in the north-east.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society