Friday, February 29, 2008

Comments on PAS Digest Blog

Good afternoon,

Because I am the moderator of the Digest Blog, I have removed the comment option. In stead of commenting to the blog and it posts, which is what it was supposed to do and we discovered it isn't working right, I decided that if you have a comment to something that is posted on the blog, please just email it directly to who ever posted it. Only 4 persons are authorized to post to this blog. The purpose of allowing others to post is that if I am not near a computer when we decide to cancel a star party, I want Rod, Don, Barb to be able to post that we have canceled that star party for me, or each other. So, I have turned off comments. The only people posting on this blog will be the ones mentioned at the top of this blog.

Why Rod? Because I need him to be able to cancel star parties that he is the RSVP for, and because he is awesome at predicting the weather. His job has him in S. Phoenix where most of the storms begin. He can see the sky while at work, and let us know if a storm is coming. He is more accurate than several of the weather sites. So, I need Rod to have access to post when needed about star parties, and other things he may wish to mention. Please check out his blog in his profile, in the column to your right.

Why Don? Don does the newsletter. He usually emails me to say "The newsletter is done and posted on the site." Why wait. He can post directly to this blog and let everyone know at once to go download the current issue of the newsletter. Plus, he also is the RSVP for some of the more South star party location because he lives in Chandler. So, his help in canceling S. Phoenix star parties is very helpful to me. Remember, you might also get a notice of WE ARE DOING THE STAR PARTY, instead of we are Canceling the star party. So, read the notice you get, don't just assume that an email in your inbox says we are canceling.

Why Barbara? As webmaster, and RSVP for N. Phoenix star parties, I need her to have access for announcement she may need to make. She may wish to post in this blog items that have to do with what's going on on the website. New additions, new pages, updates... like if she gets the upcoming events updated and wants everyone to notice the change... such as a lot of different items changed, then she might want to tell everyone about it. So, I need her in this blog for that purpose, as well.

Right now, those are the only authorized PAS Members posting to this blog. As the need arises, I may add or delete access for others. Please have an awesome day. Would love to have you send comments directly to as well as other items you'd like posted to this blog.
And thank you for understanding why I took away the comments option. It wasn't working so why have it.

Terri, Events Coordinator
Phoenix Astronomical Society